Videx Partner Program Benefits

Lead Generation & Sales Assistance

Go-To Market Support – Access to tools and resources designed to help generate new leads, increase market penetration, discover new opportunities and prepare for market shifts.

Pre-Qualified Leads – Access to qualified leads prioritized by region, program authorization and certification level.

Videx Data Applications Center –Make use of the robust SDK or Graphical Application Builder to unlock a fully customizable reader and deliver personalized data collection solutions. Utilize the Applications Center to promote and share your software to potential clients in your target markets.

Effective Communication

Newsletter and Emails – Valuable data collection information including special announcements, promotions, updated Q&A and new sales tools.

On-line Portal Resources

Market Information – Learn market trends and gain insight to help determine which verticals to target.

Sales Tools – Access PDF product fliers, sample ads, presentations and case studies.

Brand Usage – Review branding guidelines, logo usage and leverage the Videx brand to enhance your image.

Quote Site – Obtain product details and current pricing.

Technical Support – Have a question? Need troubleshooting? Our expert technical support team is ready to help!